Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) offered a little straight talk after a protester interrupted his speech honoring fallen veterans in San Diego on Monday.

While appearing at a Memorial Day tribute with presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, McCain was forced to halt his speech as a man wearing a prisoners of war/missing in action (POW/MIA) t-shirt began shouting about the USS Liberty, a U.S. Navy research ship that was attacked by the Israeli military during the 1967 "Six-Day War."

After about 10 seconds of heckling, members of the audience forced the man to leave the event.

"Jerk!" McCain quipped, drawing laughter and cheers from the crowd.

Conspiracy theorists have long accused McCain and his father, Admiral John S. McCain Jr., of participating in a cover up regarding the USS Liberty.

Watch this video from CNN, broadcast May 28, 2012.