Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin says presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney should "go rogue" and attack President Barack Obama for his former associations with Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Marxists and radicals.

During an interview on Fox News on Monday, host Sean Hannity told Palin that he thought the president's former pastor was "relevant" even though Romney had repudiated a proposal to use Wright in attack ads.

The half-term Alaska governor replied: "I thought so in 2008 and that's why I went rogue, if you will, and disagreed with some of John McCain's advisers when they said, no, a lot of these issues like past associations and Rev. Wright and Bill Ayers and those that helped shape Obama's world view needed to be off the table and not discussed. I disagreed then, I disagree now."

"Barack Obama in 2008 was an empty vessel," she continued. "The public did not know who or what filled this vessel in order to create what has become a very confused and mission and visionless leader for our country. Well, now it's not too late to change course and this next go around understand what has filled up that vessel. Who are these people? Who are the radicals, the Marxist professors that he said he would hang out with, some of his friends and associations."

Hannity noted that Democrats and the media were willing to bring up Romney's alleged 1965 gay bullying incident, putting a dog on his car roof, the so-called war on women and "throwing granny over the cliff" by privatizing Medicare -- but Republicans were refusing employ the same type of tactics.

"Amen, brother," Palin agreed. "A one-sided, cease-fire call is not something to agree to. Some of these GOP operatives, Sean, they seem to have the fighting instinct of [Sesame Street character] Mr. Snuffleupagus. And if you remember him, he would hide, he would back down, he would run the other direction."

"It's disgusting, the double standard," she added. "And I'm really tired of, again, too many in the GOP establishment just kind of kowtowing to what the left will dictate in terms of how this election is going to go."

Palin also reiterated her advice that Romney pick tea party favorite Rep. Allen West (R-FL) as his vice presidential runningmate.

"I love people who understand the Constitution and will fight tooth and nail and are willing to put their lives and their families lives on the line to defend our republic. That is who I want to see as that teammate for the GOP nominee."

Watch this video from Fox News' Hannity, broadcast May 21, 2012.

(h/t: Mediaite)