Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney says he's not very good at sports so he's running to be commander-in-chief instead.

"I like competition, and I think the game is like a sport for old guys," the candidate told The Wall Street Journal's Peggy Noonan in an interview published Thursday. "I mean, you know, I can't compete in competitive sports very well, but I can compete in politics, and there's the—what was the old ABC 'Wide World of Sports' slogan? 'The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.'"

"The only difference is victory is still a thrill, but I don't feel agony in loss," he added.

The former Massachusetts governor also admitted that there were a number of campaign gaffes that "make me want to kick myself in the seat of my pants," citing the time he joked that he liked "to be able to fire people."

Those slips "cause me to try and be a little more careful in what I say," Romney explained. "I've had a couple of those during the campaign, which have haunted me a little bit, but I'm sure before this is over will haunt me a lot."

"I have to think not only about what I say in a full sentence but what I say in a phrase. ... you will be taken out of context, you'll be clipped, and you'll be battered with things you said."

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