Former Wyoming Senator Alan Simpson (R) offered another colorful perspective from his cantankerous mind Sunday morning, urging Congressional Republicans once again to not be scared of anti-tax advocate Grover Norquist's pledge of never raising any tax.

"For heaven’s sake, you have Grover Norquist wandering the earth in his white robes saying that if you raise taxes one penny, he’ll defeat you,” Simpson said on Fareed Zakaria GPS. “He can’t murder you. He can’t burn your house. The only thing he can do to you, as an elected official, is defeat you for reelection. And if that means more to you than your country when we need patriots to come out in a situation when we’re in extremity, you shouldn’t even be in Congress.”

Still championing his fiscal commission with Erskine Bowles for bipartisanship agreements, Simpson also castigated both sides in Washington D.C. again.

“You can’t cut spending your way out of this hole. You can’t grow your way out of this hole. And you can’t tax your way out of this hole. So put that in your pipe and smoke it, we tell these people. This is madness,” he said. “If you want to be a purist, go somewhere on a mountaintop and praise the East or something. But if you want to be in politics, you learn to compromise. And you learn to compromise on the issue without compromising yourself. Show me a guy who won’t compromise and I’ll show you a guy with rock for brains.”

Simpson earlier this week attacked lashed out at the California Alliance for Retired Americans after the organization questioned his continued preference for major cuts to Social Security.

WATCH: Video from CNN, which was broadcast on May 27, 2012.