Billionaire mogul Donald Trump says he has found the "best choice of all" to be presumptive Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's vice presidential running mate: Donald Trump.

"You have a lot of really good candidates," the reality star told Newsmax columnist John LeBoutillier on Wednesday. "Chris Christie’s a great guy. He’s a friend of mine. You really have someone really good there. Rob Portman, who I don’t know, but I hear fantastic things about. Certainly he’s been very well vetted over the years. He’s a professional who’s been there a long time. He’s been through it. He knows the game and he’s a very, very solid citizen."

"On a younger side, you could look at Sen. Rubio, who I think could help with Hispanics. But he is young, and I think he sort of doesn’t want to go through it and doesn’t want to do it."

"Probably the best choice of all would be Donald Trump," the billionaire concluded.

Watch this video from Newsmax, broadcast May 23, 2012.

(h/t: The Hill)