Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) believes she has uncovered a plot to convince one Supreme Court justice to uphold President Barack Obama's landmark health care law, which she warned would be "the end of our Constitution."

Earlier this week, Bachmann told conservative radio host Sandy Rios that a Time magazine profile of Justice Anthony Kennedy was an attempt to convince him to decide in favor of the Affordable Care Act.

"I think that what we need to recognize is that the left is committed to outcome-based Supreme Court decisions, they want what they want, bottom line, the end justifies the means, they want socialized medicine, they want the government to control it and so they are not above doing anything that they can to influence that one swing voter," she explained.

"By everyone’s estimation, Anthony Kennedy is the justice who will make the decision if we have socialized medicine, which in my opinion will be the end of our Constitution and the end of our republic as we know it. It will bankrupt us, there is no question Obamacare will do that, and it will change our relationship to government forever," Bachmann added. "I think it will be one of the final -- so to speak -- nails in the coffin to our country."

"If he makes that decision and if he is succumbing to flattery in the media -- and these are human beings we’re talking about -- he could potentially be persuaded to go the way of the left, that could be, and I think that’s why it wouldn’t surprise me at all that we are seeing these big, flattery pieces."

Chief Justice John Roberts has hinted that the decision will be handed down next week, possibly by Thursday. Some experts predict that the court will strike down the health insurance mandate for individuals, while leaving the rest of the law intact.

Listen to this audio from Sandy Rios in the Morning via Right Wing Watch, broadcast June 20, 2012.