Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett (D) on Sunday ripped his opponent, Republican Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, for campaigning to be "the rockstar of the far right."

In an interview on CNN, Barrett told host Candy Crowley that he expected to defeat Walker in Tuesday's recall election.

"People [are] saying to me that they've never seen the level of excitement they've seen right now," the mayor explained. "It's people from Wisconsin. It's people who live here. And that's what this should be all about. It should be all about the people in the state of Wisconsin because you've got a sitting governor, the only governor in this country who has a legal defense fund -- all this outside money. This is Wisconsin values versus outside influence."

"Scott Walker wants to make this a national race because he wants to be on the national stage as the rockstar of the far right, as the poster boy of the tea party," he added. "That's not what I'm interested in. And I'm -- frankly, I'm not going to be the rockstar of the far left. I'm focusing on this state because that's what's important to me."

According to the non-partisan Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, about two-thirds of the $30 million that Walker has raised since January has come from out-of-state donors. Barrett has raised a more modest $3.9 million since entering the race in March, but 74 percent of his individual donations have come from inside the state.

The latest polls show Barrett gaining ground, but still trailing Walker. A Marquette Law School poll recently found that Walker had a 52 percent to 45 percent lead, while Public Policy Polling's latest survey put Walker ahead 50 percent to 45 percent

Watch this video from CNN's State of the Union, broadcast June 3, 2012.