Arizona Republic columnist Laurie Roberts on Sunday explained her campaign to "De-kookify the Capitol."

Appearing on ABC 12 News' Sunday Square Off, Roberts said she was "after those people who are ideologues, who come into the legislature with their rigid set of views they want to accomplish."

"The idea of working with anybody outside of their comfort zone is tantamount to treason," she complained. In particular, Roberts singled out Arizona legislation that attacked the United Nations and so-called "birther" bills proposed by lawmakers.

Political analyst Chris Herstam, a Republican lobbyist, added that neither party was currently a "big tent" that accepted a wide range of views. Both were defined by social issues like abortion.

"We are sick of these political parties, on both sides, the extremists on both sides running things, when most of us are in the middle and just want solutions," Roberts said.

Arizona Republican Party Communication Director Shane Wikfors had accused Roberts of having a "bitch session" and refused to apologize for the comment Sunday when questioned. But Roberts said the comment did not offend her.

Watch video, courtesy of ABC 12 News, below: