Even after his reporter effectively heckled President Barack Obama during an official statement last week, Daily Caller founder Tucker Carlson says that it's inconceivable that his publication would not get a White House press pass.

"Here's the White House's mistake," Fox News co-host Bob Beckel told Carlson on Monday. "The idea that they gave The Daily Caller a White House pass is the craziest idea I've ever heard."

"We're bigger than the Chicago Tribune!" Carlson objected. "We're bigger than the Boston Globe. They can't not give us a pass!"

"Sure they can," Beckel pointed out. "All you got to do is not give one."

"Good luck with that," Carlson grumbled.

Even conservative Fox News host Sean Hannity admitted that Neil Munro's "timing was off" when he interrupted Obama's announcement about new immigration policy on Friday.

"The bottom line is he's doing what a lot of people who cover the White House aren't doing, which is pressing for answers to his questions," Carlson explained.

"Shouldn't he wait?" Hannity wondered. "If he thought it was the end of the statement, fine. It didn't seem like it was at the end of the statement."

"It's an etiquette question, but it's not the core question," Carlson opined. "The core question is, is the White House Press corps holding the president accountable for his policies and getting answers to the questions the public wants? And Neil Munro is."

"How many times has Obama been interrupted in the middle of one of his speeches by someone calling out a compliment?" he asked. "Like 13 times in the past six months. He stops and says, thank you. The second someone asks a question he doesn't like, 'Oh, it's heckling. It's an outrage.'"

Watch this video from Fox News' Hannity, broadcast June 18, 2012.

(h/t: Media Matters)