The president of The American Family Association said during his radio show on Tuesday that he views Christianity and homosexuality as so completely incompatible that if he and fellow Christians ever stop hating LGBT people, they just may become the target of similar hatred, or worse.

"Every advance of the homosexual agenda comes at the expense of religious liberty," Bryan Fischer said on his Focal Points program. "The single greatest threat to religious liberty in America today is the homosexual agenda. We cannot have religious liberty. I would go as far as to say we cannot have homosexuality in the First Amendment. If homosexuality is embraced and normalized, that's the end of the First Amendment. It's gone, outta here, shredded. A worthless piece of paper."

For those reasons, Fischer said, "I believe we should be free to discriminate against homosexual behavior... [Because] if we don't, then it will be people of faith who will be discriminated against."

"It is not possible to have a discrimination-free society," he added. "We can't have it. Either we are gonna discriminate against homosexual behavior, or we are going to discriminate against Christianity."

It's not clear why Fischer -- who's made a career out of castigating homosexuals in public life and promoting public policies that exclude LGBT people from hate crime laws, anti-discrimination laws and the rites of marriage -- has such a chip on his shoulder against homosexual couples, who make up less than 1 percent of the U.S. population.

He was, however, confronted earlier this year by progressive radio host David Pakman about his seeming fascination with "gay male sex," prompting Fischer to insist he's just as opposed to the existence of lesbians as well. "[For] their sake, we think society ought to oppose the normalization of lesbianism as well as homosexuality," he explained.

Fischer has also promoted some unusual theories in recent years, like claiming the Christian deity figure is punishing Americans for tolerating LGBT people by sending bears to randomly attack Californians, then adding that he hopes God might also send bears to gnaw on federal judges whose decisions take the side of equal rights. He's additionally compared same sex relationships to "domestic terrorism," and claimed that the biblical overlord might miraculously cure all the world's AIDS infections if LGBT people just stop having sex with one another.

The Southern Poverty Law Center classifies the American Family Association as a hate group because of its "demonizing propaganda aimed at homosexuals and other sexual minorities."

This video was published to YouTube on Wednesday, June 6, 2012, as snipped by Right Wing Watch. Click here to watch the full broadcast.


Photo: Screengrab via YouTube.