Former National Football League (NFL) player Wade Davis has come out publicly to reveal that he is gay, and shared with CNN Wednesday morning that he should have revealed it during his playing career.

Davis, who played for Tennessee, Seattle, and Washington D.C. in his brief NFL career from 2000-2004, was interviewed by Soledad O'Brien on Starting Point and described how he wasn't ready to reveal his sexual orientation in the locker rooms he was a part of. He also explained his delight for working for Hetrick-Martin, an organization that provides services which includes counseling and legal assistance to LGBT youth.

"If I could do it all over again, I would come out," Davis said. "I now understand the impact that that would have had. And it can change the lives of so many youth with bullying that's going on and with this youth just not having a sense of family. You know, that's just why the job that I have is so important. It is the greatest job I’ve ever had. I wake up every day excited about going to Hetrick-Martin.”

Davis added that it would be an enormous positive if a current NFL player revealed that he was gay and thought it would happen eventually, though not in the near future.

"It would make a huge difference twice because youth can actually watch someone on television whose just like them," Davis said. "I wish I had the courage back then to come out. I do think it will happen, may not be in the next five or ten years, but after the president made the big announcement, there's been a change. There's conversations happening now."

Although no player currently in the league has come out publicly, 12 current and former players have revealed that they would support a gay teammate, including this year's NFL Draft second overall pick and Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III.

WATCH: Video from CNN, which was broadcast on June 6, 2012.