Someone on Fox News is finally standing up for President Barack Obama.

Appearing Friday morning on the Republican opinion show Fox & Friends, network host Geraldo Rivera appeared to endorse President Obama's use of a "kill list" to target and systematically eradicate suspected terrorists in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen.

After playing a clip of columnist Charles Krauthammer saying that Democrats have "lost the moral high ground" for appearing to prefer targeted assassinations over the Bush-era tactics of kidnapping and torture, Geraldo exclaimed: "I don’t care about losing the moral high ground. I care about killing the enemy and saving our G.I's lives. Charles Krauthammer’s point that the Democrats have lost the moral high ground is irrelevant to me. I want to win the war."

"Yes, but the George Bush would have been crucified for doing these drone attacks," Fox & Friends co-host Gretchen Carlson interjected.

“I want them dead!" Geraldo replied. "I want them dead! … Do you want to send your son into Pakistan to go snatch a bad guy, or do you want to kill him from the air? You know he’s dead."

"A dead terrorist is a good terrorist," he concluded.

President Obama has utilized drone aircraft strikes more than any of his predecessors, heavily favoring robotic warfare over sending ground troops to dispatch enemies. Despite the tendency to cause civilian casualties, Obama defended his preference in January by explaining that "drones have not caused a huge number of civilian casualties."

While the Obama administration has maintained that it uses the utmost care to avoid killing innocent people, a recent New York Times report noted that officials have essentially redefined the term "militant" to mean "all military-age males in a strike zone," which effectively obscures the true number of civilians killed by the president's drone attacks.

This video was broadcast by Fox News on Friday, June 1, 2012, as snipped by Mediaite.