Ed Gillespie, an adviser to GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, on Sunday said that a loss for Gov. Scott Walker (R) in Wisconsin's recall election would not "factor into November," but a win would mean that labor unions shouldn't be "too greedy."

"I think this recall is about Wisconsin and the reforms that Gov. Walker enacted there," Gillespie told Fox News host Chris Wallace. "I think it's going to be close and I think that he's going to win and the voters are going to reject the recall."

"I don’t know at the end of the day how much that’s going to factor into November," he added. "There is something going on in Wisconsin and all across the Great Lakes, where it is moving away from liberal Democratic policies toward more reform-oriented Republican policies."

"If Walker wins, what's the statement to big labor?" Wallace wondered.

"I think the statement to big labor and to big government employee unions, government worker unions is that you can't be too greedy," Gillespie explained. "You need to understand that times are tough and a lot of these legacy costs that you imposed are due for some reforms and some restructuring."

Wisconsin voters will go to the polls on Tuesday to decide between Walker, who was worked to strip the rights of some unions, and Democratic Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.

Watch this video from Fox News' Fox News Sunday, broadcast June 3, 2012.

(h/t: Talking Points Memo)