On Friday night's edition of "Viewpoint with Eliot Spitzer," host Elliot Spitzer was joined by Joy Behar, co-host of ABC's "The View." Behar discussed her upcoming Current TV show and talked to Spitzer about what motivated her to join the fledgling network's roster.

Spitzer asked Behar if she was registered as a Democrat or a Republican, to which she replied, "Oh, Democrat. One of the reasons I wanted to be on Current TV is because Al Gore owns the station," she said.

Behar explained that she's "still ticked off about the 2000 election. I'm still ticked off at the Supreme Court because that was not an election, it was a decision."

Spitzer jokingly suggested "anger management."

"It's been eleven years," he said, before conceding that he, too, is still a little hacked off about it, "It was a tipping point for our country. It was a tipping point for our respect for the Supreme Court. It could be the single worst modern Supreme Court decision. It was partisan, it was wrong."

Watch the clip, embedded via Current TV, below: