MSNBC host Rachel Maddow on Thursday blasted Mitt Romney for refusing to incorrect statements that he made about President Barack Obama.

She noted that recently Rep. Jeff Landry (R-LA) falsely claimed that the Obama Administration was providing waivers to Muslims so they could avoid going through TSA screenings at airports.

"At least there was an effort to worm out of it," Maddow said. "At least there was some sense that it was wrong to tell a lie and however gymnastic you have to get to explain that lie, you should in fact try to explain your way out of it. You wouldn't want an overt lie on your record. You wouldn't want to be known as somebody who tells lies. That would be shameful. That shame, which can lead a person to full-out apologize or try to worm out of it or come up with a new lie to come up with an old one, that shame -- no matter what it does -- that shame itself that lying is wrong, that shame is valuable."

"And that is why it is a big deal that the Mitt Romney for president campaign does not seem to have that sense."

Watch video, courtesy of MSNBC, below:

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