MSNBC host Rachel Maddow on Tuesday night expressed her confusion at the campaign antics of Republican Sen. Scott Brown of Massachusetts.

Maddow first noted that Brown once claimed she was running against him in Massachusetts and used the her fake candidacy to raise money.

"I was never running against Scott Brown for anything ever, but he didn't care," she said. "He just made that up, raised money off it, and never took it back. Even after I ran a full page ad in the Boston paper saying he was lying and that I was not running against him, he still kept saying it."

On Tuesday, Brown tentatively agreed to debate his challenger, Democrat Elizabeth Warren. But only if Vicki Kennedy not does endorse himself or his opponent, and as long as MSNBC is not included as a broadcast partner for the event.

"MSNBC was never going to be the host of the debate, MSNBC never even got asked about hosting the debate," Maddow mockingly said. "But Senator Scott Brown demands MSNBC be removed as the host of this debate."

"Are other senators like this?" she wondered. "Is anyone else besides us at MSNBC having to deal with a sitting U.S. senator constantly making stuff up about their hosts running campaigns against him?"

Watch video, courtesy of MSNBC, below:

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