The town of Middleboro, Massachusetts will attempt to become arguably America's number one destination for the fewest foul mouths, as it passed a proposal from the town's police to impose a $20 fine on public profanity.

According to The Patriot Ledger, the fine for cursing was approved by a 183-50 vote. The town also approved of a $300 fine for smoking marijuana and fines of $20-$50 for disorderly conduct.

Middleboro Police Chief Bruce Gates indicated that the fines would come down to just police discretion, emphasizing that swearing fines would not be given to people cursing inside a sports bar or someone randomly yelling one out loud in frustration.

"I don’t see an issue, we have a lot of things to do," Gates said. "This is not a priority.”

Lost in the news surrounding the swearing fine is the town also voting against a proposal that would require voter ID by a 106 to 78 margin. Voter ID laws disenfranchise voters, particularly minorities, the elderly and the disabled.

"Voter ID requires additional activities and serves no purpose," said town resident Gale Towney. "I don’t think disenfranchising is a way we want to go."