The daughter of former Republican presidential nominee John McCain says she supports the legalization of marijuana, but doesn't use the drug -- at least not "frequently."

Meghan McCain on Tuesday explained to NBC host Jay Leno why she made the decision to support marijuana legalization in her latest book, America, You Sexy Bitch.

"I was living in Los Angeles very briefly last year, and I was shocked at how people here smoke weed the way people in New York pour wine," McCain told Leno. "Once I started doing research onto the economic benefits for our country by decriminalizing marijuana, I decided to come out publicly in support of it."

During a Wednesday appearance on The View, said recalled that she was "shocked" at how pervasive pot use was in California because "I'm not a cannabis user... frequently."

"Your father is going to be so proud," co-host Barbara Walters joked.

"He knows everything and he loves me, but whatever," McCain shrugged. "Sorry, dad!"

Co-host Elizabeth Hasselbeck said she worried about people driving under the influence of marijuana.

"You can give a breathalyzer for alcohol," she noted. "If there's a method to measure how much one has consumed in terms of marijuana before they get into a vehicle, say... I would like to have a measure."

"You don't leave the house when you get high," co-host Sherri Shepard interrupted. "Ain't nobody got hurt in the car smoking no weed."

In Colorado, the state Senate recently rejected a measure that would have set a blood alcohol limit of 5 nanograms of THC per milliliter of blood for drivers. Critics warned that the restriction would not have made roads any safer.

Throughout his 2008 campaign for president, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) made it clear that he was against the legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes.

"The law is the law, and I do not believe it's going to be changed, and it's not going to be changed by me," he insisted during a 2007 town hall event in New Hampshire.

Watch this video from ABC's The View, broadcast June 13, 2012.

Watch this video from NBC's The Tonight Show, broadcast June 13, 2012.

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