Wednesday on CNN, former Missouri Gov. Tim Pawlenty suggested that Mitt Romney would further the practice of using unmanned drones to kill suspected terrorists.

"If you look at what Mitt Romney has said about President Obama's presiding over our national security and defense posture, obviously his drone strikes and killing Osama bin Laden are positives," he said. "But they don't go far enough."

The Obama Administration publicly acknowledged in May that it was using drones to strike suspected terrorists in Yemen and Pakistan. The New York Times later revealed the President was intimately involved in who is and isn’t targeted by the drone strikes, and controversially defined “militants” as all military-age males in a given strike zone.

Pawlenty said Romney would be even tougher when it came to those types of covert operations. He also said Romney would increase the defense spending and establish a missile defense system in Czech Republic and Poland.

"Don't negotiate a treat with Russia that takes away or at least puts in dispute our ability to have robust missile defense system, which we obviously need, and make sure we don't have sequestration and gut our American military," Pawlenty explained. "Those are just some of the things that this president is doing."

Watch video, courtesy of CNN, below: