Many Democrats are disappointed that President Barack Obama did not accomplish more when both chambers of Congress were in Democrats' control, according to Raw Story executive editor Megan Carpentier.

"I believe there are number of Democrats who believe that Obama's presidency has been very good, but I think there are a lot of disaffected Democrats, there's a lot of disaffected independent voters who expected certain things to happen in the course of this administration, and happen very quickly given the majorities in both houses of Congress," Carpentier said Wednesday on The Young Turks.

"The ‘lesser of two evils’ is almost a way of saying a lot of the people who were really excited after ‘Yes, we can’ and ‘hope and change’ didn’t get everything they were looking for."

While many Democrats are pleased with Obama's efforts regarding health care and civil rights, others are disillusioned by his use of drone strikes against suspected terrorists and failure to close Guantanamo bay. The President also has a mixed record on transparency, pushing for more government data to be available publicly online and encouraging federal agencies to comply with Freedom of Information Act requests, while cracking down on whistle-blowers.

“Less evil these days is a president that chooses to execute U.S. citizens without ever giving them a day in court," Russia Today's Alyona Minkovski said in reference to U.S.-born Al Qaeda operative Anwar al-Awlaki. "Less evil is somebody who wages a very aggressive war on whistle-blowers while at the same time his administration is leaking a lot of information.”

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