AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka poured some cold water on Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's recall election victory Sunday morning, mentioning all the stops the Republican had to do to keep his job.

"It's true that the people in Wisconsin didn't recall Governor Walker, but he spent over $50 million on this," Trumka said on CBS' Face The Nation. "He has lost control of the State Senate, so his agenda is stopped dead in its tracks. He has the worst job creating record of all the states that are out there right now, and people are looking at that."

"Having said all that, he won," host Bob Schieffer said.

"What did he win? He got the right to serve the rest of his term," Trumka said. "He didn't do what he was supposed to do, that's try to create jobs. We wish he had the best job creating record in the country, we wish he could get there."

WATCH: Video from CBS, which was broadcast on June 10, 2012.