Less than a week after losing their jobs, a group of former employees at GOOD Magazine announced their intention to put together a new magazine, Tomorrow.

"It's going to be about what's next, what's on the cusp," the group said in a statement on Tumblr Tuesday. "We want to get out of our comfort zone and push others to do the same. We want to meet and introduce you to great people."

According to LA Weekly, the budding new team includes former executive editor Ann Friedman and ex-staffers Cord Jefferson (senior editor), Megan Greenwell (managing editor), Tim Fernholz (business editor), Amanda Hess (lifestyle editor) and former associate editor Nona Willis Aronowitz, as well as former editorial design director Dylan C. Lathrop and former assistant editor Zak Stone. Stone and Lathrop reportedly resigned from GOOD on Monday.

The Atlantic Wire reported that the firings did not come as a surprise, and that they were not due to financial concerns.

"I'm reclaiming 'firing,'" Greenwell told The Wire. "They decided they did not want us, and it wasn't that they couldn't afford us." Aronowitz added, "It's definitely fired for creative differences."

When GOOD debuted six years ago, the magazine's founder, Ben Goldhirsh declared it “a free press for the critical idealist.” This week, a new beta version of GOOD's website went live with a different billing: "the platform for 21st Century citizenship."

Tomorrow magazine staffers image via Tomorrowmag.tumblr.com