"Mitt Romney's not the solution. He's the problem."

That tagline finishes a devastating attack ad released Saturday by President Obama's reelection campaign, Obama for America, a video that caps a week in which Romney was repeatedly pummeled by bad news and strong Democratic charges over his tenure at Bain Capital. In the ad, audio of Romney warbling "America the Beautiful," is laid over newspaper summaries of jobs outsourced by Bain companies to places like China and Mexico. The message is clear, and one the Obama campaign thinks will be most effective against Romney in a sour economy: Romney cost many Americans their jobs, and he'll do it again if elected.

Adding to the evil corporate millionaire theme, the ad also knocks Romney's foreign bank accounts in tax-havens like the Cayman Islands, implying that not only is he rich, but that he's not paid his fair-share, a refrain Obama often hits in his campaign pitch.

The ad comes after a bruising week for Romney in which various reports contradicted his previous claim that he left Bain Capital in 1999. That revelation is significant because Romney had sought to evade responsibility for job losses and outsourcing at Bain-owned companies after that date. The new findings, based on SEC filings, indicated he stayed on at Bain until 2002.

On Friday, Romney called on Obama to apologize for attacking him on that front, though from the looks of this ad, there will be no apology.

Watch the video below: