The eloquent remark from the YouTube channel this comes from bears repeating, here :

"Rainbow Bunchie aka. Final Boss of Internet jumping for 10 hours ..Can you beat him?"

Of course, if one cannot fathom why this video is not at least of some very general importance regarding the culture, then how can one possibly understand what a culture is?

The answer you search for is: one very obviously cannot!

Observe: there are almost three million views numbered on the YouTube page for this selection, and over 17 thousand people have voted that they "Like" the Rainbow Bunchie video in this fully realized, ten hour version. (And the attendant music, as well, we must needs assume. Maybe that part really "sells" it.)

As you listen, ask yourself: "Am I going to go against this strong popular trend, and not hit the 'Like' button, as well?" Don't make the easy mistake of politicizing Rainbow Bunchie, either. Let wisdom surpass these seeming complexities.  Rainbow Bunchie, we should think,  is simply there.

I anticipate the sarcastic question: "Is this clip on Culture Clutch, here, because of a 'slow news day'-- huh? Huh?"  VERY SERIOUSLY: are there any more "slow news days" now? Of course not -- the very concept, even the phrase, is entirely dated. We'll forgive you. No -- if it were a so-called "slow news day" ... then why would Rainbow Bunchie be running so fast, so consistently, and for so very long? This is a 10 hour video, you know.