Fox Business host Neil Cavuto on Tuesday used the nation's historic heat wave as excuse to call for more drilling for carbon-based fuels like oil and natural gas.

"There's nothing like a heat wave to burn my energy butt," the Fox Business host ranted during his Tuesday show. "This country is roasting. It's screaming for energy, and we're still blocking so much energy. We got no drilling, right? Just spending more green on green that invariably comes up red."

"To be all in on energy, you have to consider all forms of energy, and I'm with the [Obama] administration on that," he continued. "What fries me is I don't think the administration really is in on that. [They're] talking a very good game about expanding fossil fuels but stopping them at every pipeline pass and favoring untested fuels."

The "problem" with global warming theories is that most people are buying it, Cavuto said, citing a University of Michigan poll that found only 5 percent of people were "alarmed" by climate change.

Cavuto then turned to global warming-denier David Asman, who claimed that "climate science is in shambles."

"In fact, it's been cool for the last couple of years," Asman insisted. "The point is that the young people have looked at the way a lot of these global warming enthusiasts have kind of twisted the facts and the theories and kind of intimidated people and used censorship and rigged computer models in order to prove their point."

But the facts don't back up claims made by Cavuto and Asman.

According to NOAA, 16 of the last 17 years have been the hottest on record. At the same time during President Barack Obama's first term, crude oil production has risen to levels not seen since 2002.

Science educator Bill Nye recently told CNN that the public was constantly being misinformed about climate science because news network attempt to provide false balance, even though "the two sides aren’t equal."

“We in the science education community chip away at this problem all the time," Nye said. "We have an enormous population of people in the United States that don’t believe in evolution, the fundamental idea in all of life science. It would be like saying, I don’t believe in earthquakes or something. The analogies are disturbing.”

Earlier this year, a Media Matters analysis determined that coverage of climate change had dropped by 80 percent on U.S. broadcast networks between 2008 and 2011.

Watch this video from Fox Business Network's Cavuto, broadcast July 17, 2012.

(h/t: Think Progress)