CSA Week #4

Summer is really underway now, which means two things: My cats spend all their time stretched on the floor instead of curled up on the furniture, and enormous zucchinis are popping up in my CSA and at the farmer's market. This causes some people to despair, but not I! Zucchini is an endlessly versatile food, and especially great for vegetarian dishes. Of course, this week, all I did was make a pasta with it, but I suspect coming weeks will have some more variety.

 Dinner #1

Made this pasta with both the zucchini and the “UFO” squash. Doubled the recipe so I had lunch leftovers, and added basic because this is summer, dammit.

Made a salad with the lettuce and cucumbers, adding cherry tomatoes.


Dinner #2 

Took the chard, cooked it up with salt, pepper and chili powder, and served it with tomato and cheese on foccacia bread.

I’d been hearing about how great kale chips were from roughly everyone, so I decided to try it using this recipe. Not to sound like every other food blogger hopping on this trend, but yum!

Made a salad with the rest of the giant tomato I used on the sandwiches and cucumbers over the lettuce.

Still had some room left for dessert, so blueberries, of which I have tons, served with whipped cream. Yes, from the can.


4th of July 

I tweaked this recipe for macaroni salad. Sadly my arugula wasn’t good anymore for some reason (this is really rare), so I just used the parsley instead. I thought since the recipe already had apples, blueberries wouldn’t be much of a stretch.