Florida's Lt. Governor Jennifer Carroll tried to deflect questions about an alleged same sex relationship with a staffer by saying women who look like her "don't engage in relationships like that."

Ex-office aide, Carletha Cole said that she was fired shortly after she witnessed Carroll and a female staffer in "what can only be described as a compromising position," according excerpts of the complaint published by Reuters.

"My husband doesn't want to hear that. He knows the type of woman I am for 29 years. I'm the one that's married for 29 years. The accuser is the one that's single for a long time," Carroll told 10 News WTSP. "Usually black women that look like me don't engage in relationships like that."

Cole also described working conditions in the office "dysfunctional" and News 7 WJHG reported that state officials asked Carroll to take a polygraph test, even though such tests aren't admissible in Florida court.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott has yet to respond to the allegations.

Watch the video, broadcast on WSTP on July 14.

(h/t The Grio)