Former conservative teen star and author Jonathan Krohn on Monday said the right-wing movement had "not responded nicely" to his changing political views.

Krohn was eagerly embraced by conservatives after giving a speech at the 2009 Conservative Political Action Committee when he was only 13-years-old. But after becoming enchanted by the rich tradition of philosophy, the teen began to rethink his beliefs. Krohn now supports same sex marriage and Obamacare. His favorite TV shows are The Daily Show and The Colbert Report.

Krohn told CNN's Suzanne Malveaux that conservatives had been less than accepting of his new views.

"There have been a couple of different responses from conservatives," he explained. "I address them in the piece that I wrote for Salon yesterday. But some of the responses have been vicious."

"The Daily Caller has been mean," Krohn said. "One of the articles said that my glasses are thick-rimmed glasses, and so I deserve criticism for that. It is like a bully calling you 'four eyes' on the schoolyard. There's a kid -- they have -- oh, Fox News, on the Fox Five they said I should be left in the woods as a baby. Various things like that. But the majority of the responses have been nice, especially from the center and from the left, or from more of the center-left as well."

Watch video, courtesy of CNN, below: