Herman Cain on Friday told Fox & Friends that they were "fair and balanced," unlike the news outlets that focused on GOP hopeful Mitt Romney being booed at the NAACP convention -- which Cain had been specifically invited on Fox News to discuss.

"Today, the NAACP has lost its relevance and its looking for its relevance in all of the wrong places," Cain explained. "There used to be a war and we won that war on civil rights."

Guest co-host Peter Johnson Jr. asserted that Romney had been "vilified" for bringing a message of economic empowerment to the NAACP convention that White House officials weren't willing to talk about.

"There's a double standard, just like there has been a double standard all the way back when President Obama was candidate Obama," Cain agreed. "There is a double standard and also, I might add, there's a double standard in the mainstream broadcast media."

"I'm not talking about Fox because I think that you all live up to being fair and balanced," he added. "But I watched briefly some of the other networks and how they treated that speech and I along with my staff predicted that the boos were going to be the lead story and they were. They didn't talk about the standing ovation he got at the end."

"I watched the entire thing and what the media -- the other media -- didn't report on was he got some intermediate applause from members of that audience on many of the points."

In fact, Romney did get polite applause from the audience but some NAACP officials contend that it may have been artificially strengthened by conservative African Americans that were "flown in" just for the speech.

As for being fair and balanced, Media Matters has claimed that Fox News furthered their "role as the communications and campaign arm of the GOP" earlier this year when Fox & Friends produced and aired what appeared to be a "dishonest and misleading" attack ad on President Barack Obama.

Watch this video from Fox News' Fox & Friends, broadcast July 13, 2012.

(h/t: Mediaite)