Failed Republican presidential candidate and former pizza CEO Herman Cain is planning to launch his own Internet TV channel called "CainTV" that, oddly, features patriotic dinosaurs and a cartoon version of President Ronald Reagan, among other bizarre attractions.

Cain first revealed details of his new project to Fox News's Republican talk host Sean Hannity during a Monday appearance on his radio show. Along with the announcement, Cain also publicized the show's new Twitter and Facebook pages.

"Whether you are looking for commentary, comedy, or culture, CainTV delivers it all in an Informed, Inspirational, and INtertaining way," the Facebook page explains (although we couldn't figure out why).

He also published what can only be described as one of the strangest trailers for any product, ever. It's so bizarre that it actually defies description by trained, professional journalists, such as ourselves.

The best descriptors Raw Story's staff could come up with is that CainTV sounds rather "INvasive" and "INtentional," but it failed to hold our "INterest." Whether the general public will want to sit through this strange new brand of "INtertainment" for more than 5 minutes remains to be seen.

But as the trailer explains, "The time has come for a new kind of entertainment." So, for some reason, there's this.


Parody photo composite by Stephen C. Webster.