On Monday night, Jon Stewart of The Daily Show lampooned conservatives who claimed it was too soon after the Colorado theater massacre to talk about gun control.

"It is a very complex issue, obviously. An intersection of the mental health system and cultural influences, the balance between individual freedom and public safety, the availability of guns and--" Stewart began to say, only to be interrupted by a pundit on MSNBC saying now wasn't the time to talk about guns.

"It is a factor," Stewart eventually said, stunned. "Along with other factors. Obviously, it is a complex ecosystem. Owning a gun is a right protected under the Constitution and that's -- you know -- I agree with that. But we can't have tanks. So if we draw lines on weaponry, obviously the question is have we drawn them right."

Stewart was then interrupted again, this time by Fox News host and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee saying it was "insulting" to bring up gun control.

"So you're telling me it is too soon to even have a conversation about it?" Stewart said. "You’re telling me that to discuss the epidemic of gun violence in this country, for that, there is a waiting period. Yeah, I guess you’d hate to go into a conversation about guns all hot-headed and say something impulsive you’ll never be able to take back."

Watch video, via Mediaite, below: