Adolf Hitler never wore a beret so Fox Business host Lou Dobbs is linking the U.S. Olympic team's headgear to the next best villain he can think of: Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

Earlier this week, the co-hosts of Fox & Friends echoed conservative outrage over the berets that are being provided to the Olympic team by U.S. fashion designer Ralph Lauren.

"The big question, though, is should the American team be wearing a beret?" co-host Steve Doocy wondered. "Why not a baseball cap? Why not a cowboy hat like we had when we went to Calgary? Why not just do something very American and just go topless?"

On Thursday, Dobbs picked up on the controversy by noting that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid thought they should burn the uniforms, which were made in China, and find new ones.

"But the controversy doesn't stop there," Dobbs complained "Some are also criticizing Ralph Lauren for topping off what is supposed to be a patriotic with a classic French beret of all things! I know, the U.S. Army Green Berets, Black Berets, etc. But it just so happens, I don't like those berets either."

"Berets are also the signature headgear of socialist Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez," the Fox Business host added.

Watch this video from Fox Business' Louu Dobbs Tonight, broadcast July 12, 2012.

(h/t: Media Matters)