In a scene that could have come from outtakes of MTV's popular reality series "Jersey Shore," New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) was caught by cameras bellowing and storming up the boardwalk in the popular vacation town Seaside Heights, NJ after a man in the crowd insulted him. The footage, shot with a phone camera and distributed by TMZ, shows Christie shouting angrily until a member of his entourage leads him away.

The video initially showed Christie standing athwart the flow of the crowd, yelling at a man off-camera.

"You're a real big-shot!" shouted the governor, clutching an ice cream cone, "You're a real big-shot, shooting your mouth off!"

"Nah, just take care of the teachers," the man said before walking away.

"Yeah, keep walkin' away," Christie jeered at him, "Keep walkin'!"

It was then that a man in Christie's group placed a hand on his shoulder and led him away, defusing the confrontation.

Watch the video, embedded via TMZ, below: