The president of one of the country's most prominent anti-same sex marriage organizations recently played the "class warfare" card and warned that "gay marriage billionaires" were "re-defining marriage for everyone" by working with President Barack Obama and other politicians "who are all too willing to take the gay lobby's money as payment."

"The cultural elite and gay marriage billionaires are sitting fat and happy," National Organization for Marriage's (NOM) Brian Brown wrote in a fundraising letter obtained by Right Wing Watch. "Regrettably, they've got a lot to be happy about. In fact, from their perspective, gay marriage has never been closer to becoming the law of the land than it is today."

"And with Barack Obama now throwing the full support of the White House and the federal government behind re-defining marriage for everyone, the historic understanding of one man and one woman is headed for the scrap heap if we don't take immediate action," he wrote.

"The same-sex 'marriage' lobby knows it cannot persuade the American people simply to discard marriage at the ballot box like an outdated institution. ... That's why the homosexual lobby is working through activist judges who can impose radical legislation from the bench, and ambitious politicians who are all too willing to take the gay lobby's money as payment for working to redefine marriage."

According to Brown, urgent contributions were necessary to make sure "wealthy homosexual activists" do not "make gay marriage the law of the land by force."

"Only you and I stand in the way of the elite fat cats and the gay marriage billionaires," he advised. "Let's send a clear message to them and to Barack Obama, San Francisco's unelected judges, and Washington's homosexual activists who are now on the verge of re-defining marriage for everyone."

Marriage equality will be on the ballot this fall in Maine, Maryland, Minnesota and Washington.