Keith Olbermann says that by upholding President Barack Obama's health care reform law, the Supreme Court has presented presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney with two "insurmountable problems."

"Gov. Romney is now not only running against a program very similar -- and everybody would have to admit, at least, very similar to the one he engineered in Massachusetts, he's not only doing that," Olbermann explained. "But he also has to say he's opposed to the decision of somebody who was until this week, perceived as a supremely -- no pun intended -- conservative chief justice."

"That can't be a win for him. He's got two now insurmountable or nearly insurmountable problems, when he only had one when the week began."

As for the notion that Roberts had put the president at a disadvantage by declaring that the individual health insurance mandate was a tax, Olbermann said people were "overthinking" the outcome.

"For the public, something the president proposed was upheld," he explained. "In a largest sense if you think about what is a mandate, do we have them, is this taxation possibility for nonusers legitimate? Every day in our lives, we are subject to the largest mandate any of us could ever have: We have to buy a product each day called the United States government."

"That mandate supplies everything from wars we don't go along with to solicitors generals we disagree with to the salaries of the Supreme Court justices. So, I think if you look at this from a layman's point of view, I think it's a pretty clear-cut victory for the president."

Watch this video from ABC's This Week, broadcast July 1, 2012.