Mitt Romney doesn't deny that Barack Obama is a "monster," but he says it's "not a term I would use" to describe the president.

During an event in Bowling Green, Ohio on Wednesday, a woman told the presumptive Republican presidential nominee that it was President Obama's fault that her son had to lay off workers at some of his stores.

"And it's all because of what this monster has done to this country," the woman said. "We have to have you as president."

"That's not a term I would use," Romney pointed out.

"I can," the woman insisted. "I'm an angry mom."

"You're an angry mom, good," Romney replied. "You have every right to be angry."

The candidate contended that most businesses had suffered under the current president, with the exception of companies like Solyndra that contributed to the Obama campaign.

"It's not because of who the president is in his heart," Romney explained. "It's because of what he thinks is right. And liberals have a very different view about how the economy works. He revealed the way he thinks. He really does think that it's sort of a collective government effort that somehow makes us all economically successful. That's just not right."

"Ronald Reagan used to say it," he added. "It's not that liberals are ignorant, it's just what they know is wrong."

Watch this video from the CNN, broadcast July 18, 2012.