Mitt Romney isn't the president you're looking for, according to the man who played Luke Skywalker in the original "Star Wars" films.

During an interview at San Diego Comic-Con, Mark Hammil told that he used to watch the TV show "Zorro" as a kid and likened it to this year's presidential race.

"But just the idea of a privileged person fighting for the underdog - there's something very romantic about that," he explained. "I guess it goes back to Robin Hood. People that are fighting for the middle class and for the Have-Nots. It's something that we see even playing out in the presidential race."

"And if you don't vote for Barack Obama, you're insane," he continued. "Cause without him, I think the middle class will completely disappear. And you look at Romney and I'm sure he's a nice guy, but I think he's like The Thing: He only imitates human behavior; he's not actually human himself."

As evidence, Hamill pointed to an event earlier this month where the presumptive Republican presidential nominee described his lemonade as "Lemon. Wet. Good."

"So, God bless him," the "Star Wars" actor added. "I'm enjoying him running for office, but I just came out as a lifelong Democrat."

But Hamill isn't Romney's only connection to the Galactic Empire.

On Tuesday, conservative columnist Byron York described the candidate's campaign as a broken "Death Star."

"Romney had won the Republican nomination in significant part by operating a death star — a machine that could rain down holy hell on opponents, if that’s what winning required," York wrote. "Now, the general election campaign is here, and the talk is of the Obama killing machine, not the Romney death star. By most accounts, the Romney campaign is not displaying the super-aggressive effectiveness it showed in the primaries."

"So at least at the moment, the vaunted Romney death star, the machine that flattened his Republican opponents, just isn’t working."

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