Seventies rocker turned conservative firebrand Ted Nugent has penned a column for the Washington Times in which he slams Chief Justice John Roberts for his decision on the Affordable Care Act and posits that the world might be a better place if the United States had dissolved into separate powers following the Civil War. The firearms enthusiast, avid bow-hunter and recent Secret Service Interviewee has made headlines before with his unvarnished opinions and occasional emotional outbursts about liberals and Democrats, including an exhortation to fellow Republicans to "ride into that battlefield and chop their heads off in November!"

Nugent has taken the Supreme Court decision upholding "Obamacare" hard, and finds no joy in the fact that fundraising for Mitt Romney has skyrocketed since the announcement of the opinion was made last Thursday. Like many conservatives, Nugent seems to feel that taking away insurance companies' ability to deny coverage to children with bone cancer and muscular dystrophy is a knife through the heart of democracy, a potentially lethal blow to the free market, from which the American experiment may never recover.

"Unlike other conservatives, I don’t care if his vote to save Obamacare turns into a cash cow for the Mitt Romney’s presidential political machine and galvanizes the GOP," he wrote. "There are some things more important than politics and elections. Striking down un-American, Constitution-violating Obamacare is one of them."

Nugent, who scored minor hits with the single "Cat Scratch Fever" and the album "Weekend Warriors," maintains that the America he believes in has been so sullied by the Affordable Care Act, that it might be better if the Union had been conquered in the U.S. Civil War so that the American dream might have died before it could be so degraded.

"Because our legislative, judicial and executive branches of government hold the 10th Amendment in contempt, I’m beginning to wonder if it would have been best had the South won the Civil War. Our Founding Fathers’ concept of limited government is dead," he wrote.

"Obamacare will now join Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid as another unaffordable, unsustainable, runaway, unaccountable social program," lamented Nugent, "Limited government is dead. The smothering era of socialism is here."

(image via CBS screen grab)