Recently, I was on a panel about reproductive rights and sexual health and at one point I mentioned a blogger at Pursuit of Harpyness who blogged her abortion experience in detail, including a photo of what came out after she took RU-486. Even though it was a pro-choice audience, they were shocked by this description, to which I basically pointed out that while looking at blood clots is no one's idea of a good time, it's important to show what actually happens during a typical abortion to counter misleading anti-choice claims that actual baby bodies are coming out.

Well, it seems another woman has come to the same conclusion, that an actual visual of a real abortion is important to counter all the pictures of late-term fetuses---many of which are faked---that anti-choicers use to imply that a typical abortion is much later in the pregnancy than it is. That's why I applaud the anonymous woman who used her cameraphone to take pictures of her abortion  and put up a website called This is my abortion to display them. Again, no one likes look at a jar holding what amounts to getting your period all at once, but it's a necessary thing to counter the misinformation promoted by anti-choicers.

So, for your edification, this is what your average abortion actually looks like:

This is an important image to hang on to for the next time you have an anti-choicer wanking about how this is "killing babies". Ask them to find the baby in this picture, if they're just so certain.