Real estate mogul Donald Trump says Chief Justice John Roberts became the swing vote and upheld Barack Obama's health care reform law because he "wanted to be loved" by liberals and the Washington establishment.

"It's a disaster," Trump said during an interview on Fox News on Monday. "Obviously it would have been better if it was knocked out, but Justice Roberts wanted to be loved by the Washington establishment. And by the way, he is now loved. The way they are talking about him, it's unbelievable."

"So, he is a beloved man to the liberals and to the Washington establishment and to others, and despised by the people that really counted," he added. "I mean, in a sense, he was extremely disloyal."

Trump also accused the media of being dishonest for reporting that Mitt Romney's spokesperson, Rick Gorka, had said that a scheduled fundraiser "won't be happening."

"And then all of the sudden we had a fundraiser and raised millions of dollars. It was a great success," the billionaire explained. "The press, much of it, it's so dishonest. It's so disgusting."

"The one thing with Obamacare is that the energy in that room was five times greater than it would have been a month before," Trump insisted. "[The Supreme Court ruling] energized the Republican Party. It energized people that don't want Obamacare, of which there are many. It energizes businesses because businesses aren't going to be businesses for very long. Many, many businesses are going to be closed up."

"OK, so that's good for Mitt Romney but bad for the country," Fox News co-host Eric Bolling concluded.

Watch this video from Fox News' Fox & Friends, broadcast July 2, 2012.

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(h/t: Politico)