Fans who held on to tickets from gig in Providence, Rhode Island, can redeem them 33 years later when the band return

Thirty three years after the Who were forced to cancel a concert in Providence, Rhode Island, fans who held on to their tickets will finally be able to put them to use. The manager of Providence's Dunkin' Donuts Center has announced that when the Who appear there in February, he will honour any tickets from the last time the band were scheduled to come to town: 17 December 1979.

"If you got a 79 ticket we will find a way for you to come in and see the show," said Lawrence Lepore, the arena's executive director, in an interview with WPRO. "Somewhere, someplace, someone's got [a ticket] stashed. The question is, are they willing to give that up? If they are, we're willing to take it."

What is now the Dunkin' Donuts Center was once the Providence Civic Center, scheduled as a stop on the Who's 1979 world tour. But the band were never allowed to play in Providence: following the death of 11 fans at the Who's overcrowded gig in Cincinnati, then mayor Buddy Cianci called off the Providence concert.

Back in 1979, the Who's most expensive concert ticket cost $14 (£9), according to Fox News. For their forthcoming gig, part of the band's Quadrophenia tour, seats cost between $57.50 (£36) and $127.50 (£81). The old tickets have "got to be worth something", Lepore said. Any that are redeemed will be donated as fundraisers for the Special Olympics of Rhode Island.

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