Paul Ryan is Mitt Romney's newly-selected running mate, and he has made this election one about substance!  How do we know, you might ask? I mean, after all, Romney/Ryan (heretofore referred to as "RomRy" because they are a cute cute platonic anti-gay couple) have been together two days, most of which has been spent smiling at rooms full of really excited white people about how awesome it is to bros. Romney has also refrained from endorsing any part of Ryan's budget plan, which is sort of what Ryan's done with his life?

We know because of headlines!

Romney opts for substance over style with Ryan pick 

Selection of Paul Ryan may add substance to campaign

Romney's pick of Paul Ryan: Let the debate over substance begin

Ryan will enrich the presidential debate

Substance and Style (bold, but talk to the first link)

Rest easy - despite no actual new policy proposals and an explicit disavowal of the main substance Ryan is known for, this is a campaign that has been elevated to the highest levels of discourse! We will have many serious discussions about the future! Of things! Once Romney proposes something new! Which he hasn't yet!

I think my brain is on fire with the promise of Ryan, or encephalitis, but I'm pretty sure it's Paul Ryan.