Former President Bill Clinton said Tuesday that "it's gonna be a different world" in Washington, D.C. once President Barack Obama wins a second term.

Appearing on "CBS This Morning" just before convening another session of The Clinton Global Initiative in New York City, the former president and longtime Democrat said he feels quite certain that Americans will side with his candidate.

"[Romney's] proposal for dealing with the debt is first to make it bigger by adopting another round of tax cuts that, with the interest associated, would be about $5 trillion more over a decade," Clinton said. "He says he can do that without raising taxes on the middle class. I'm not sure that's possible. He wants to defer 'til after the election, saying what the specifics are. I think that'll be a little bit of a red flag."

He added Republicans in Congress will determine that since they cannot deny Obama a third term, they'll finally begin working with Democrats instead of pulling out all the stops to grind the administration down, effectively breaking the partisan logjam in Washington, D.C.

"I think in the lame duck session they will avoid the fiscal cliff -- either they'll make a deal or they'll have a short extension, which makes it clear this is not another year, we're not going to fool around," he said. "I predict you will get a budget deal early next year, if not in this lame duck session, and I think you're gonna start to see them work together. It's gonna be a different world."

This video is from "CBS This Morning," broadcast Tuesday, Sept. 25, 2012.