Conservative radio host Lars Larson on Tuesday dismissed President Barack Obama's growing lead in the polls but insisted that he was sure the president "was leading in the food stamp voters poll."

After weeks of bad polling numbers indicating that Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney's chances of winning were slipping away, Fox News managed to find one poll in which one group of people supported the GOP hopeful.

During segment on Tuesday, Fox News host Megyn Kelly asked Larson to explain why the media narrative seemed to be saying that Obama was surging while the Politico/George Washington University Battleground Poll gave Romney a nine-point edge with middle-class families.

"On the issues, I wonder how many of those people are telling the pollsters they're going to go one direction but they're going to walk into the voting booth and do what's right for their family," the radio host pointed out. "And it's really tough to imagine why the Obama policies for four more years are going to be right for families around America."

"I'm sure, though, that [Obama] is leading in the food stamp voters poll," Larson added. "I just haven't seen the results on that."

But during the entire Fox News segment, Kelly failed to report that the Politico poll had swung four points in Obama's favor since May.

And other indicators gave Romney even less hope.

The Talking Points Memo Electoral Scoreboard showed Obama leading Romney, 313-191. The Huffington Post's electoral map put Obama's advantage at 332 to 191. On Monday, The New York Times' Nate Silver predicted that Obama had a 77.7 percent chance of winning the electoral college.

Watch this video from Fox News' America Live via Media Matters, broadcast Sept. 25, 2012.