A liberal Fox News legal analyst may have gone too far on Thursday when she said that conservative columnist Michelle Malkin "needs to get laid."

During a Thursday Fox Business segment about Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney's response to recent violence in Libya, host Don Imus asked Fox News contributor Tamara Holder how she felt about Malkin, who had been defending the GOP candidate.

"I don't know her personally, but I'm not a fan of her debating style," Holder explained. "I think that she probably needs to get laid."

During a appearance on Fox News' Hannity in July, Malkin had repeatedly interrupted Holder, telling her to "shush."

"She's very angry," Holder told Imus on Thursday.

"She needs to get laid?" a shocked Imus asked.

"Yeah," Holder insisted.

"How's that working out for you, by the way?" Imus wondered.

"Well, not so well," Holder admitted. "But I'm not angry. I cope with it in other ways."

In a series tweets after the Imus interview, Malkin lashed out at the pardon attorney.

"Stay classy, @tamaraholder. ... I'm happily married with two children. You?" Malkin wrote, adding, "Say it to my face."

After an appearance on Hannity in June, Holder had also been a victim of sexism.

"I saw you on Hannity," Michael Matheson wrote to Holder, according to a note she posted on Twitter. "I consider you, as Bill Maher a person you defend would say, a LIBERAL SLUT."

Watch this video from Fox Business' Imus in the Morning, broadcast Sept. 13, 2012.