If he's feeling desperate come November, President Barack Obama just might create a pretext to launch a war with Iran, then seize control of radio, television and Internet signals to ensure his reelection. Or, at least, that's what former Republican congressional candidate Bill Federer said Friday during a radio interview.

Federer was talking to American Family Association host Brian Fischer, on Fischer's "Focal Point" program, when he mentioned the age old "October surprise" caveat of American politics, a term brought to life by an unproven conspiracy theory that accused the Reagan campaign for conspiring with Iran to help defeat President Jimmy Carter. But in Federer's mind, it may be much more severe than just the resolution of a hostage negotiation.

"I've been asking people, I've been doing it for the last year, what they think the October surprise is going to be... They think anything from class warfare, wanting to have violence break out, maybe with an Occupy Wall Street group. And then some other interesting stories.

"One is, um... to intentionally put Israel in a position where war breaks out with Iran, and then because of this crisis the president can say it's an emergency and take control of the radio, TV and the Internet, and then make himself the FDR, 'I'm the savior president' and start usurping all kinds of power.

"Another one is interesting, and that was out of a news service in Canada, is actually some plot on his life that was planned, that could be blamed on these right-wing, tea party, hateful people. And believe it or not, that's a strategy that Stalin used."

He went on to explain how the genocidal Soviet leader put down his own version of the tea party and went on to kill millions of his own people. "And so, this is a strategy. And I think, would this happen? I don't know. If you can vote to kill innocent babies, what can't you justify?"

Federer almost became a U.S. Congressman from Missouri, but he was twice defeated by former Rep. Dick Gephardt (R-MO), losing his last race in 2000 by a margin of 57.8 percent to 39.7 percent.

This video is from the American Family Association's "Focal Point," broadcast Friday, Sept. 7, 2012, as snipped by Right Wing Watch.


(H/T: Right Wing Watch)