Conservative radio host Laura Ingraham is warning Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney not to even try to create a "human moment" by attempting to connect with voters during Wednesday's debate because it would be a "fools' errand."

During a Sunday panel on Fox News, The Chrisitian Science Monitor's Liz Marlantes suggested that Romney had to win the upcoming debate to even have a chance at the White House.

"Having said that, I think it might not be that hard for Romney to get a win in this first debate," she explained. "Challengers tend to get the win in the first debate against the incumbent."

"If he comes across as too negative, that could be risky," she continued. "But I think Romney could win this debate with one genuinely good human moment, which is something people have been hungering to see from him throughout this entire campaign. If he could have one moment where he gives voters the sense that he's throwing the talking points out the window and telling them what he really believes. And it doesn't even matter what the issue is. I just think if he could connect with voters in some way, that would actually probably get him a win."

But Ingraham dismissed the idea that Romney needed a victory on Wednesday.

"I think this laying the benchmark, 'It's the debate, it's the debate' falls into the media meme, Romney has to perform and if he doesn't it's just another excuse for another round of -- in my mind -- you know, disgustingly biased pieces against Mitt Romney," the conservative radio host explained.

"I think he wins not by having a -- quote -- 'human moment' -- I think that is a fools' errand -- but having a moment of real leadership and real maturity. Contrasting that with the celebrity president [Barack Obama], who seems much more comfortable with Ellen [DeGeneres] or, you know, any of these late night hosts."

Weekly Standard Editor Bill Kristol, however, contended that Romney's situation was so dire that winning the debate was his only hope.

"I think it will be good just to win the debate, that's my main advice to Gov. Romney," Kristol insisted. "I think it's time to start panicking a little bit and I think that means offering his own way ahead and explaining why the next four years under President Obama will be disastrous."

"My main advice would be, ignore Jim Lehrer, ignore the debate moderator."

Watch this video from Fox News' Fox News Sunday, broadcast Sept. 30, 2012.