Actor-turned-activist Kirk Cameron says that Democrats didn't go far enough by adding "God" to the party's platform, insisting that God should be the entire platform.

After realizing they had left out the words "God" and "Jerusalem," Democrats scrambled to modify their platform at the last minute during their convention last week.

"One of our political parties is wondering right now if the name of God should be in the political platform," Cameron said at a simulcast church service hosted by the Family Research Council's Tony Perkins on Sunday. "According to our forefathers, God IS the platform!"

"When I think of how far our country has drifted, our forefathers would be rolling over in their graves to hear what we are discussing," he added. "The sanctity of life? Really? The definition of a marriage? Really? Religious freedom? Really?"

Cameron found himself in hot water earlier this year after he told CNN's Piers Morgan that homosexuality was “unnatural” and “destructive to so many foundations of civilization.”

Late last week, the anti-LGBT actor blamed CNN for not censoring that portion of the interview.

"If Piers Morgan were truly concerned about the homosexual community, concerned with people being hurt, he could have eliminated that section, like he did many other parts of our conversation," Cameron told Naples News.

Watch this video from iPledge Sunday via Right Wing Watch, broadcast Sept. 9, 2012.