The Republican candidate in the Montana governor's race likened the decision to get an abortion to taking an aspirin during the state's first gubernatorial debate earlier this week.

"You can't give a child an aspirin in school, but you can refer people to have an abortion without parental consent, and that's wrong," former state Rep. Rick Hill (R) said Wednesday night while expressing support for a referendum on the state ballot this November that would require women under 18 to get parental consent before having an abortion.

Hill's opponent, Democratic state attorney general Steve Bullock, has opposed the referendum.

"Complicated, difficult and incredibly personal decisions like this should not be made by the government," Bullock told The Billings Gazette earlier this year. "They should be made by a woman, in consultation with her family, her doctor and her faith. Montanans recognize and cherish an individual right of privacy -- a change recognized under the U.S. Constitution and explicitly enshrined in Montana's Constitution."

Bullock and Hill are running to succeed Governor Brian Schweitzer (D), whose term expires this year. A third candidate, Libertarian Ron Vandevender, was not invited to take part in the debate at Helena Middle School.

Hill said he reached his stance after getting advice from moral leaders.

"This is one of the bills that the governor vetoed, and I think it was a mistake for him to veto that bill," Hill said. "I think this is a good piece of legislation, I intend to vote for it, and I support it."

Hill's remarks, posted on YouTube Wednesday by "Montana Democrat," can be seen below.