CHARLOTTE, North Carolina — Not all Mormons are going to vote for Mitt Romney when the polls open in the United States in nine weeks time.

Despite Romney being the first Mormon presidential nominee, hundreds of his fellow believers gathered in Charlotte, North Carolina on Tuesday to campaign for his adversary, Barack Obama.

"This is a monumental moment for the LDS," said Scott Howell, a Mormon candidate for US Senate, referring to the religion's formal name, Latter Day Saints. "Now the Republicans have a LDS leader."

Addressing the first national meeting for Mormon Democrats he sought to show that the faith was compatible with center-left politics.

"Democrats, I say to you today, we are not ashamed of our party, we have a moral compass, I am proud to be a LDS Democrat."

Crystal Young-Otterstrom, chairwoman of the Democrats' Mormon caucus, had big hopes for the one million party supporters she said shared the faith.

"We're are going to make Utah a swing state," she said of the Mormon-strong state which is solidly Republican.